What are the Applications of Optical fibers and fiber optic related technologies?

Today the fiber optic technology has reached to the houses in many advanced countries. The demand for optical fiber and related services has grown tremendously and applications of optical fiber are various. Uses of fiber optics in telecommunication applications itself are widely distributed. The use fiber optics ranges from global long distance telecom networks to local and desktop computers.

Some of the remarkable application of fiber optics includes the transmission of voice, data, or video over distances of hundreds of kilometers. There are different types of designs for optical fiber cables for different applications.

Service providers and carriers use optical fiber to transmit plain old telephone service called POTS throughout the national networks. Applications of optical fibers are not limited to long distance data transmission. It also includes the transmission of video services and CATV.

Optical fibers are also used extensively deployed for transmission of data. Corporate houses and MNCs need safe and reliable systems to transfer their confidential data and financial information from their head office to the branches within the country and faraway countries. Optical fibers are the safest medium free from immediate tapping and leaking.

CATV, Cable television companies now a days use optical fiber to deliver the digital video and data services. The high bandwidth provided by optical fiber makes it the suitable medium for transmitting broadband signals such as high-definition television telecasts.

Automated toll-booths, smart highways with intelligent traffic lights, and other Intelligent transportation systems, changeable message signs etc are also beneficiaries of fiber optic technology based telemetry systems.

Biomedical industry is one of the major area of application for optical fibers. Optical fiber systems are used in most modern telemedicine devices for transmission of digital diagnostic images. Fiber optics is usable for military application and fiber has made applications in Automotive and other industrial applications.

To summarize, major application of fiber optics is long distance communication of data, voice, image and video even now. However, fiber optic applications are not limited to this field and thus scatters to medical field, CATV, traffic signaling, image processing, illumination and decoration industry to mention a few.


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