How to Calculate the Weight of FRP and Steel Wire?

Glass FRP and Steel wires are commonly used central strength members in fiber optic cables. Central strength members are the elements in a fiber optic cable that are used to provide the required tensile strength during installation.

Central strength members act as anti-buckling elements too. Central strength members take care of the cable during temperature changes and hence they are essential elements in a cable. Fiber optic cable tensile strength to a great extent or wholly dependent on the strength of the central strength member.

Central strength members are round in shape. That is, they are like cylinders. Central strength members have geometrical parameters such as diameter and length. In order to calculate their weight, we should know the following;



The specific gravity of the material used for Central Strength Member

The diameter of FRP or Steel wire is in millimeters, while the length would be a standard 1 kilometer. The weight of FRP or Steel wire is expressed in units of kg/km. We need to convert the parameters to equal units before doing the calculation.

The calculation method is shown below;

How to calculate the weight of FRP and Steel wires

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