Two Major Prerequisites for Effective Communication

There are two major  prerequisites in order to have a successful communication, let it be between two living things or between two machines. Understandability is the first prerequisite. The transmitter and the receiver should speak the same language. If I speak in my mother tongue, which is different from the one that the receiver speaks and understands, there must be a translator. If the languages are different and if there is no translator, there is no understandability in that communication.

If the transmitter and receiver speak different languages and they cannot understand each other, they will not be able to understand each other. For communication between machines, that is for data communication, we could solve this problem by using efficient software solutions. Now we have software and hardware solutions to effectively translate and convert between different languages that those different computing devices handle.

By using advanced voice processing systems we have now the ability to do the real-time translation of many of the languages. Google provides real-time web page translation in a manner that users can understand the content of the site. Not only google, other web companies and search engine companies also provide these kinds of services.


The second prerequisite for communication is the ability to identify the errors and correct it. In the case of human to human communication, the identification and correction process is much easier and faster. Data devices must be programmed and built in such a manner to utilize almost the same logic of identification and error correction as humans. End devices should detect errors and request for correction if there are errors.

Communication becomes successful if the above two pre-requisites are satisfied. Thus, Understandability and Error Control become two important pre-requisites to be considered while designing a communication system. Modern communication devices are intelligently built to meet these pre-requisites.


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