Fiber Optic Distribution Point Closures

The fiber distribution points or fiber optic terminals are points where the fiber optic cable gets terminated before the network gives its way to another type of cable, typically drop cables. A fiber optic terminal contains a fiber optic closure. This fiber optic closure at the terminal point may be designed with environmentally hardened external connectors to facilitate the addition of one or more fiber cables without reentering the enclosure.

Fiber Distribution Point Closures are enclosures designed and constructed of metiallic or non-metallic materials designed to enclose passive optical components. The Fiber distribution point closure is intended to provide mechanical and environmental protection for the equipment contained within the housing. The housing of a fiber distribution point closure is designed with internal bracketry to provide mounting arrangements for termination equipment, and reinforcement of the housing.

The closure may provide provision for the entry of optical cables from the top, bottom, or side of the closure depending on the particular type of installation. Some closures provide a sectionalized housing which allow the access to the area which contains the fiber cable to only authorized technicians. This reserved area is sensitive as it contains spliced fibers and passive components such as optical couplers or splitters.


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