Corrugated steel tape armoring process

Corrugated Steel Tape Armoring Process for Loose Tube Cables

Telecommunication grade optical fibers categorized in ITU-T recommendations need to be protected inside the tubes and then wrapped by tapes or yarns before covering with…

Corrugated steel tape armoring of fiber optic cable

Tape Armoring of Fiber Optic Cables

Tape armoring is provided to ensure extra mechanical protection to the fiber optic cables. There are several types of tape materials that can be used…

Steel wire coils placed in order for wire armoring process

Type of Armoring used in Fiber Optic Cables

Unlike metallic power or copper communication cables, fiber optic cables have a unique distinction of having lightweight. One reason for the light-weight is the lack…

Tensile Strength Test of Welded Steel Tape 1

Tensile Strength Test of Welded Steel Tape

Steel tapes are used for corrugation of fiber optic cables to provide extra mechanical strength to the fiber optic cables that is required for some installation conditions. ECCS tape or Electrolytically Chrome Coated Steel tape or Stainless Steel tapes comes in rolls of 1 or 2 kilometers in length. But fiber optic cable lengths during production are usually in lengths of 2, 4 or 6 kilometers.