Fiber Optic Technology

Optical fibers are used extensively in telecommunications. Majority of telecom cables used in the field are optical fiber cables. Silica optical fibers are widely used in fiber optic communications as they permit transmission of light for longer distances. Many people work at the front end and back end to make this communication process happen. A full fledged unique technology field has been evolved over a period of time under the name fiber optics.

All activities starting from the design, production, testing, logistics, installation, service and maintenance of products that use optical fiber in one way or other come under the common hood of Fiber Optics. Fiber optics is a field of applied science and engineering. Fiber optics has found its applications in communications, decoration and fashion industry, Medical, military services, imaging and sensor industries, control systems, laser industries, Oil and Gas industry, Security systems etc.

Optical fibers are preferred over copper wire due to several advantages associated with optical fibers. Optical fiber is a dielectric medium, meaning they are not influenced by the electrical energy. Optical fiber is made of silica and acrylate coating. Both silica and acrylate coating materials are non-metallic in nature. Therefore, optical fiber is immune to electromagnetic interference.

Optical fibers are also used for illumination industry. Optical fibers bundled in groups have their application in imaging by allowing us to get a clear picture of narrow spaces. Optical fibers used in sensors and medical equipment have special designs.

Fiber optic technology has become an inevitable part of our modern life. Light has been an integral part of human progress. Modern scientific and technology developments add more applications of light to our daily life. Fiber optics is fascinating field of science and technology to improve our life and speed up those birds (communities) that are struggling to catch up with early flying birds.


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